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The Alternative Information Centre (AIC) is a joint Israeli-Palestinian resource centre serving local and international social movements and activists. The AIC disseminates information and supports actions to address social, political, cultural and economic concerns in Palestinian and Israeli societies. The AIC methodology of joint Israeli-Palestinian work provides the most comprehensive understandings of the current situation of occupation, colonization and apartheid .All AIC work is grounded in respect for international law and progressive values, including democracy, equality and justice.

Al-Quds Association


Al Quds Association for Solidarity with the People in Arab Countries was created in Malaga in 1999 to fill the gap towards solidarity with the people in Arab countries, especially Palestine. Its objectives are the protection and defense of the human rights of the most vulnerable populations, as well as public denunciation and advocacy to promote long-term, sustainable change. Al-Quds Association also works on development cooperation projects focused on the issues of legal protection, children, health and women. In Andalusia and the rest of Spain, we network in awareness and advocacy campaigns.

This documentary has been made with the financial support of Diputación Provincial de Málaga under the project "Making visible the construction of bridges of dialogue between Palestinian and Israeli human rights defenders". Its contents are the sole responsibility of the Al-Quds Association and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Diputación Provincial de Málaga

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